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hot lashes� 
eyelash curler
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a product which has not seen much improvement in almost 50 years is the eyelash curler. but now, with the hot lashes eyelash curling system, the eyelash curler of old has finally been improved upon. the hot lashes eyelash curling system uses a battery operated heating unit that gently and safely warms the  non-stick, heat retaining silicone pad. this warm silicone pad sets the curl of your lashes for the whole day, not just a few hours like your present lash curler. warm to your eyelashes but cool to your skin, hot lashes is completely safe and effective.

created by a well known fashion model, alexandra richards, this revolutionary beauty product is used by models, celebrities, and royalty around the world and now, for only $39.95 +s/h you too can experience a curl in your eyelashes like never before.

the package includes the hot lashes patented heating unit and the gold eyelash curler with the non-stick silicone pad. 

unit price: $ 39.95 +s/h
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say good-bye to those outdated manual cosmetic pencil sharpeners that devour your expensive make-up pencils and stop scattering those messy shavings. the z-pointe cosmetic pencil sharpener is the first ever automatic cosmetic pencil sharpener that gives you a factory fresh point each and every time. this attractive unit is not only a practical item which will help pay for itself by reducing the amount of wasted pencils but is attractive and looks great on any countertop or makeup stand.  runs on 4 aa batteries (batteries not incl.).

unit price: $ 24.95 +s/h
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z pointe
automatic cosmetic pencil sharpener

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night radiance
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regular price - $92.50
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go to bed beautiful tonight�.wake up more beautiful tomorrow!!

the night radiance collection is truly �evening wear for your skin, eyes and lips�. a unique product innovation fortified with all-natural color enhancers plus the most protective, reparative and anti-aging ingredients available today. healthy, sexy, soft and sensual�this is how your skin, eyes and lips will look and feel during (and after!) an evening with the night radiance collection. peter lamas offers his night radiance line as an alternative to traditional makeup. featuring all natural ingredients with anti-aging properties, night radiance provides light coverage while improving the texture, quality and health of your skin.

the night radiance collection includes:
night radiance serum for skin rejuvenation, treat & repair sun damaged skin, gently exfoliates, skin firming action, maximum hydration and other benefits.
night radiance face and body wash
to gently remove makeup, dead skin cells, oils and pollutants with a mild lather that leaves your complexion softer, fresher and younger-looking and your body clean and glowing head to toe.

night radiance firming & lightening eye complex
penetrates deep into the dermal surface and to nourish and support the skin from inside out aiding new collagen-rich cells come to the surface which helps the eye area look more luminous, rested, smoother and younger.
night radiance lip enhancer helps minimize fine lines on and around the lips making them smoother and more healthy-looking. also helps to hydrate, stimulate collagen production, increase moisture and add a natural-looking, juicy hint of color.



moom� beyond wax– beyond sugar and…beyond your expectations
moom is an all-natural, sugar-based water soluble hair remover that can keep you hair free for 8 weeks or more. a 100% all natural hair remover made from chamomile which has been known for centuries to be beneficial to the skin and body. moom also contains lemon juice, a natural antiseptic that cleanses your pores, chamomile and now australian tea tree oil to moisturize and benefit the skin. moom was the first to introduce a new step in depilation for women who care about their skin and are enthusiastic about natural and herbal skin-care products.  moom painlessly** removes hair by the roots, inhibiting re-growth and allowing a natural alternative to waxing and shaving.  * moom is specially formulated to stick to your hair, not your skin, so hair slides out without tearing at the skin.

shaving and depilatory creams are not the answer for long term hair removal, because they only cut the hair or remove it at the surface of the skin. the hair grows back quickly and more coarse. although waxing removes the hair from the root, it damages the skin and is extremely painful. with waxing, you need pre & post treatment lotions to repair the damage done to the skin. since moom is a sugaring product there is no pre-treatment or post-treatments needed and moom is a gentler and more effective product. moom combines the benefits of both waxing and sugaring, but overcomes the drawbacks.

product offer was recently increased for even a better savings & value!!!!  now you'll receive even more moom for the same low price, plus we'll include an instructional video at no cost. with your moom order you'll receive  -  an 8oz  now a 12oz. jar of moom hair remover, 12 large fabric strips, 6 small fabric strips, 2 large applicators, 6 small applicators and an instructional video



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unit price: $ 29.95 +s/h
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moom aromatherapy
foot spa kit

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unit price: $ 19.95 +s/h
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with its unique combination of carefully chosen essential oils and vitamin a, moom aromatherapy foot care cream will revive, treat, and relax your legs and feet.

  • tea tree oil-helps heal abrasions, treats athlete's foot, arthritis, eczema, muscular aches and pains, nail infections, psoriasis, rheumatism, sprains, corns and bunions
  • eucalyptus-disinfecting, anti-inflammatory, deodorizing; treats rheumatism and stiffness, cystitis, candida, sunburn; relieves muscular aches and pains
  • peppermint-anesthetic; treats rheumatism, arthritis and aching feet
  • camphor-treats rheumatism, joint stiffness and inflammation, and bursitis
  • vitamin a-helps maintain moist, healthy tissue, beneficial in maintaining skin as a barrier to infection

  kit includes : 1-2 oz moom aromatherapy foot care cream, 1 moom beauty glove, 1 moom beauty stone

  • excellent for exfoliation of dead skin cells, rejuvenation and improved circulation
  • moom beauty glove, a perfect blend of wool and cotton, exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin, treats cellulite, improves circulation, and reduces ingrown hairs. you can use your favorite soap, lotion and cleansing creams with moom beauty glove. it is a perfect replacement for loofas

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moom exfoliating beauty glove
catalog no:

unit price: $ 9.95 +s/h

moom volcanic beauty stone
catalog no:

unit price: $ 9.95 +s/h
  • handcrafted from carbon based volcanic rocks, this pumice stone fits perfectly in the palm of your hand
  • treat calluses and remove rough dead skin cells
  • stays free from bacteria and fungi and is ideal for pedicures
  • lifetime guarantee.
  • approximate size 3" by 2.5"

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have you ever felt self conscious about your teeth or were embarrassed to smile because your teeth are dull, dingy or stained? now with supersmile, you too can treat yourself to the glamorous teeth and smiles that were once only available to celebrities and supermodels. recommended by dentists, the supersmile 5 minute workout will whiten, brighten and clean your teeth safely without using harmful bleaches or abrasives. supersmile was invented by the renowned dr. irwin smigal, a cosmetic dentist responsible for developing "cosmetic tooth bonding" and who's clients include numerous celebrities and models. it has been through dr. smigal's never ending effort to create the perfect smile that, supersmile was developed. this patented clinically proven formulation which includes calprox, safely dissolves the protein pellicle to which food stains and plaque attach. by using supersmile regularly you will begin to notice the difference in a very short period of time. supersmile also contains baking soda and the ada (american dental association) recommended amount of fluoride for fresh breath and healthy gums.

each supersmile package includes :    a 4.2oz. tube of supersmile whitening toothpaste. a box of supersmile mouth rinse (25 packets), an ergonomically designed supersmile 45 degree angled tooth brush, calprox treated whitening floss, an easy to follow instructional booklet. and for placing your order through the gsm web site, you will also receive a free  travel size tube (1.7oz) of whitening toothpaste. please click on the   picture for further detailed product information -or-  testimonials from dental professionals and celebrities    -or-  laboratory test results.

unit price: $ 50.00 +s/h

a limited time special offer for single tubes of supersmile 
whitening toothpaste can be found at bottom of page. 


5 minute workout

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special product savings / offer
the is offering a special price on one of our most popular items, but only for a limited time.

click here to purchase one 4.2oz tube of the supersmile toothpaste, a $16.00 value, for
only  $ 12.00
($4.00 savings).
- or -
click here to purchase two 4.2oz tubes of supersmile toothpaste, a $30.00 value, for 
only $ 21.50 ($8.50 savings). 



hair hoops
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hair hoops - 3 hoop style
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hair hoops is the quick, convenient and elegant way to style your hair for work, gain control of your hair during athletics or to elegantly style your hair  (easily by yourself)  for that special occasion. the instruction pamphlet makes it easy to create that special style your looking for in just a couple minutes with a few easy steps.

each package contains:
~ three 3 hoop style hair hoops (shown)
~ three 2 hoop style hair hoops
~ an instruction pamphlet
(total of 6 hair hoops in each order)

unit price: $19.95 +s/h

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